Album Review: Send More Paramedics – The Final Feast (Self Released)

In July 2021, the Leed’s undead thrash/hardcore crew, Send More Paramedics announced their return with a brand-new album, their first in 15 years. Called ‘The Final Feast’, the dead will rise again on September 17th, 2021.

If reviewing music was a video game for us (GBHBL), we’d be at the final level here. After all, the Brrraaains part of our title was inspired by the same film this band takes its title from. Though we emerged from our grave long after Send More Paramedics had returned to theirs, we’d always hoped to stalk the earth at the same time.

The year is 2021, Halloween is right around the corner and the acid rain has fallen. The dead are back and bringing with them an album of blood and guts thrash noise. A feeding frenzy is about to take place and the horror is palatable.

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Time is just a number as the corpses move with fresh life on the furious thrashing speed of opener Mortify. Send More Paramedics are back and firing on all cylinders with head-banging passion. Don’t get too wild though, your head might fall off through the sheer drive of this track.

It’s a step up in the catchy department with Totenkopf as the same thrashy spirit is present but the vocals are spat out at an even more intense pace and a guitar solo kicks a ton of ass. Before the tempo is taken down a notch for the filthy, rot-infested sound of Malfacteur and She Lives goes for the all-important head-shot with machine gun fire riffs.

Digging deeply into the grave of death metal for a grimy and gritty effort, Human Capital is Send More Paramedics at their most rotten sounding. Whereas Splatterpunk is them at their most ‘traditional’ sounding as they spit burning hardcore-infused thrash into faces, and Unfree has them get really slow, up close and personal sounding. A trio that showcases the depth that Send More Paramedics has.

Though, just thrashing outright and getting disgustingly heavy is what they’re best at and Word is Virus proves that. Before Send More Paramedics stagger back to their resting place with a ton of victims in tow and one last frenzied feeding session in the form of Hibakusha.

The return was as brutal and horrifying as anyone could hope for. Send More Paramedics’ Final Feast is one fans of all things thrashy, hardcore and noisy should want to be part of.

Send More Paramedics – The Final Feast Full Track Listing:

1. Mortify
2. Totenkopf
3. Malfacteur
4. She Lives
5. Human Capital
6. Splatterpunk
7. Unfree
8. Word is the Virus
9. Hibakusha


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Send More Paramedics - The Final Feast (Self Released)
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