Album Review: Scars – Predatory (Brutal Records)

Thrash metal band, Scars was founded in 1991 in Moóca, a traditional neighbourhood in the city of Sāo Paulo, releasing their first work in 1994, “Ultimate Encore”, the acclaimed “The Nether Hell” in 2004 and “Devilgod Alliance” in 2008. After a hiatus for 10 years, the band returned in 2018 with the two singles “Armageddon” and “Silent Force”.

Now the worldwide release of their new album entitled “Predatory” comes on August 7th, 2020 via Brutal Records.

An old school slab of bucking and thrashing metal, Scars’ are harking back to their early days while also attempting to bring the modern South American thrash sound to a wider audience. A scene famous for its impact on the metal scene, it’s great to see band’s like Scars still going strong.

…and strong they do go as we get nine fast, heavy and roaring head-bangers (and an instrumental). As well as the bonus of the two 2018 singles.

There’s a bit more to Scars though then just thrash though. The fearsome unit showing off some groove in Ancient Power, some defiant, kick-ass rhythm of Sad Darkness of the Soul and chuggy riffs on the 72 Faces of God.

These are some of the standout moments turning Predatory from an old-school thrash (although it is mainly that) head-banger into something much more captivating.

Scars – Predatory Full Track Listing:

1. Predatory
2. These Bloody Days
3. Ancient Power
4. Sad Darkness of the Soul
5. The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)
6. Ghostly Shadows
7. The 72 Faces of God
8. Beyond the Valley of Despair
9. Violent Show
10. Armageddon (Bonus Track)
11. Silent Force (Bonus Track)


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Scars - Predatory (Brutal Records)
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