Album Review: Sarcator – Sarcator (Redefining Darkness Records)

Redefining Darkness proudly presents the debut album from Swedish death/thrash legends in-the-making, Sarcator! Out on October 30th 2020.

Listening to Sarcator’s self-titled debut, you might be wondering just why you’ve not come across these guys before. I mean, they’re obviously a band that has been plying their trade in the underground for some time, having just not got round to releasing an album yet, right? There’s no why the average age of this band is anything less than 90, right?

Well, it might come as surprise to most to learn that the ages of this band range from 16 to 20. Amazing, when you consider just how tight and on point their version of thrashing death metal is. A sound that suggests they’ve had years and years of honing their craft when in reality, they’re part of the new wave of heavy metallers paying to tribute to the past while also moving things forward.

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That’s Sarcator in a nutshell. Delivering an album of intense head-bangers build on a foundation of racey riffs, scathing vocals and chunky percussion. It’s off like a bat outta hell from track one all the way to track ten and it’s unlikely many will have the stamina to keep up with the wild bouts of head-banging this album demands.

Much will be said about Sarcator’s ages, especially when it comes to a style of music most associated with a certain level of ‘crustiness’. However, it’s all irrelevant as the music is what does the talking in the end. Sarcator’s response is very loud and very clear. This is a clear ‘take notice of us’ release and it’s near impossible to not be on board if heavy and fast metal is your jam.

There are bright things ahead for this band.

Sarcator – Sarcator Full Track Listing:

1. Abyssal Angel
2. Manic Rapture
3. Deicidal
4. Midnight Witchery
5. The Hour of Torment
6. Circle of Impurity
7. Heretic’s Domain
8. Desolate Visions
9. Demonstrike
10. Purgatory Unleashed


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Sarcator - Sarcator (Redefining Darkness Records)
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