Album Review: Sandness – Untamed (Rockshots Records)

Italian classic 80’s hair metal inspired band Sandness will release their third studio album “Untamed” on June 14th 2019 via Rockshots Records. The album features a completely renewed and modern sound of eleven new catchy and sleazy songs to add to the band’s catalog from their two previous releases on Sleazy Rider Records 2016’s “Higher & Higher” and 2013’s “Like An Addiction”.


Vocalist/guitarist Robby Luckets comments:

“‘Untamed’ is a very melodic hard and heavy album. The people who are acquainted with our sound and that are waiting for our comeback won’t be disappointed. At the same time, this album can also be appreciated by people who have never heard our music or specific genre. We tried to keep a sound with more variety and add catchier, more modern songs mixed with heavier and sleazier ones. We also think that this album shows how much we have grown as musicians and as a band, even though we are sure there’s plenty more to learn and to explore.”

Wicked body shaking sleazy groove, the first couple of tracks on Sandness’s new album Untamed are catchy bangers. Life’s a Thrill, Tyger Bite and the very 80’s sounding London. The latter’s riffs are so damn catchy it should be made illegal.

Never Give Up wouldn’t be out of place on the jukebox of a grubby dive bar, Easy is dripping in sex appeal while Radio Show and Tell Me Tell Me keep things well and truly rooted in the 80s. The latter has some absolutely killer bass hooks.

Untamed avoids sounding dated purely by being constantly and consistently catchy although it does have the odd flat track namely Only the Youth. It’s a short drop in quality as The Deepest Side of Me follows that with some killer riffing and Until It’s Over asks you to throw your all into one final effort, something that is easy to give.


Sandness – Untamed Full Track Listing:

1. Life’s a Thrill
2. Tyger Bite
3. London
4. Never Givin’ Up
5. Pyro
6. Easy
7. Radio Show
8. Tell Me Tell Me
9. Only The Youth
10. The Deepest Side of Me
11. Until It’s Over


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Sandness - Untamed (Rockshots Records)
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