Album Review: The Drift – Seer (Self Released)

Seer is the 3rd album and final piece of the locally acclaimed Deluge trilogy from South African sludge heavy weights The Drift.

It takes years, and it all came down a difficult road. But no matter, because through our experiences in the South African underground music scene we’ve all learnt one bloody thing. As long as you are prepared to put it all in and expect nothing in return – then you may just get somewhere, knowing full well that could be nowhere.

Seer releases on the 22nd November 2019.

Sludge…but sludge with heart and soul. The Drift’s new release is a complicated one. Not in the ‘technical’ sense but rather with how it makes you think and feel. It has got riffs dripping in muck, a rhythm section that is weightier then the pressure of the deep ocean, vocals that spit and roar and percussion that looks to crack skulls.

However, whereas sludge is often kept at a similar tempo throughout, The Drift varies things up moving from slow and thoughtful to fast and brutal. The opening track, A Coward’s Wager and the title track delivering on both with glee and aplomb.

The slow trawl is where it is often at though, the weight of The Drift’s thoughts and feelings coming through with force. It’s mind-numbing but infinitely interesting and thought-provoking. Funeral Man is simply brilliant.

Then we have the likes of the wonderfully mellow Adrift, even when it gets a bit more intense it somehow retains its ‘chill’ factor. Then we also get some crunchy groove with Decider and a furiously heavy Reclaim This World. Some proper head-banging gold here.

The heavy is so damn good but the subtle moments are just as great. Just listen to the eerie wonder of A Passage in Time. Serving as a fantastic intro and setup for the epic finale, I Dream of Deluge.

The Drift – Seer Full Track Listing:

1. A Coward’s Wager
2. Seer
3. Don’t Forget to Breathe
4. Funeral Man
5. Adrift
6. Day One
7. Decider
8. Reclaim This World
9. A Passage in Time
10. I Dream of Deluge


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The Drift – Seer (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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