Album Review: Runescarred – The Distant Infinite (Self Released)

Runescarred are a progressive metal and rock powerhouse who, since their inception on June 27, 2017, have made a tremendous name for themselves. Having released their critically acclaimed EP, “We Are”, in conjunction with their single “Being God”, the quintet has garnered global praise.

We reviewed it here and gave it a solid 8/10.

Now with the release of The Distant Infinite drawing closer, Runescarred are filling their heavy metal dance card. A powerhouse of a stage show, the band has already joined the stage with legends like Metal Church and Death Angel, as well as contemporary peers like Holy Grail. With their debut EP having been a veritable tour de force, the upcoming full length – and accompanying performances – is poised to entertain and earn more praise from fans and critics alike.

The Distant Infinite will be released on February 21st 2020.

Showing some impressive growth, Runescarred prove that they’re only getting better with time. Their new album, The Distant Infinite providing a countless amount of metal highs beginning with the meaty and animated Hexit.

With the same kind of burning passion, Inviting Rivers brings some thrashier riffs to the table. Before Minor Progressions nails the darker and meaner side of Runescarred’s sound with some immensity to the verses.

Those tracks, as good as they are and they are very good, pale in comparison to the unkempt rhythm of Swallow Your Tail. A genuinely thrilling listen that excites the senses with its drawn-out guitars and doom-style chill.

The pace is picked back up for Legionem Eclipsem briefly as Twisting Flesh is an utter epic of intense metal proportions. Followed by the short and eerie guitar soloing of This Distant Infinite. A segment of the album that really shows the variety that exists within Runescarred.

Keeping things chilled, sombre and melodic we then get the excellent Sorrow Is before Poison Oasis releases the thunder. An absolute rifftastic fiend of a listen, the progressive qualities is what makes this one to remember.

Finally, it’s Mammoth to come trundling along, destruction in its path. The expectations for something gargantuan isn’t quite the case though, as instead we have a pacier number. However, if you’re looking for something with a but more meat to the bones, the chug of guitars will do it.

Runescarred have exceeded expectations here and will only increase their name value when they’re producing music of this quality.

Runescarred – The Distant Infinite Full Track Listing:

1. Hexit
2. Inviting Rivers
3. Minor Progressions
4. Swallow Your Tail
5. Legionem Eclipsem
6. Twisting Flesh
7. This Distant Infinite
8. Sorrow Is
9. Poison Oasis
10. Mammoth


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Runescarred - The Distant Infinite (Self Released)
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