Album Review: Riot City – Burn The Night (No Remorse Records)

Riot City from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is one of those young bands that represent the new face of Canadian metal. Their debut album “Burn The Night” is an amalgam of ripping and hot heavy metal, created in pure and youthful madness.

Formed in 2011, Riot City released the “Livin’ Fast” demo in 2014 and the eyes of the underground metal world were open wide to watch and follow this new and promising band. After many live shows and a life on the edge, the debut album “Burn The Night” is finally ready. It will be released on May 17th 2019 via No Remorse Records.

Riot City 2

Everything about Riot City screams classic heavy metal before you’ve even heard a note. The band name, the album title and the track listing is ripped from the era of big hair, lots of leather and head-banging. Never, ever a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t come across like a tribute album.

Burn the Night is not a tribute album but more a love letter to a bygone era of metal. Unashamedly classic sounding, from the galloping riffs and high vocals screeches of Warrior of Time all to way to the tongue in cheek horror motif of Halloween at Midnight. This is an album that gives nothing but the cool classic taste of cold steel.

Nothing in between will surprise but that doesn’t mean it isn’t horn-throwing quality. Having the entire band in voice for the title track, the eye-watering speed of In the Dark or ear-splitting vocal wails of Steel Rider will please even the most crusty of metal fans.

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Riot City – Burn the Night Full Track Listing:

1. Warrior of Time
2. Burn the Night
3. In the Dark
4. Livin’ Fast
5. The Hunter
6. Steel Rider
7. 329
8. Halloween at Midnight

Head over to No Remorse Records to order the album and head over to Riot City’s Facebook Page to find out more.


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Riot City - Burn The Night (No Remorse Records)
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