EP Review: Broken Lungs – Cultural Decay (Self Released)

Hardcore band Broken Lungs officially formed at the start of last year and have played several shows in their home town Birmingham. Including two headlines show at the O2 Academy. They’re heavily influenced by bands like Gallows, The Ghost of a Thousand, Every Time I Die and Comeback Kid.

Their new EP ‘Cultural Decay’ was released early March 2019.

Broken Lungs 2

Woah…Broken Lungs don’t mess about. Kicking off with absolute fury, this is hardcore done the British way. In that it sounds and feels more raw and in your face. It’s wild, it’s unforgiving and it’s uncompromising. It begs to be circle pitted too and it’s hard to deny the urge as Sick to Death rages and rages away. The beefy broken apart finale of the track is solid gold.

Play this loud, it’s designed to piss off the neighbours.

Armed to the Teeth doesn’t see Broken Lungs take their foot off the gas but the guitars are more discernible giving this a much tighter sound. While it doesn’t have the impact the opener did, it still really slays.

Finally we get Balloons in Catacombs, here the meat of the metal reaches new levels of heavy and the Gallows influence is clear to hear. A bloody finish to a hardcore EP that promises much and delivers all of it.

Broken Lungs 1

Broken Lungs – Cultural Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Sick to Death
2. Armed to the Teeth
3. Balloons in Catacombs



The EP can be ordered now over on Bandcamp and streamed via all major services. Check out their merchandise over on Big Cartel. Find out more about Broken Lungs via Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Broken Lungs - Cultural Decay (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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