Album Review: Return of the Soul – Interlacing of Worlds (Self Released)

Return of the Soul are young metal band from Yekaterinburg in Russia playing a form of dark/gothic metal. On May 16th 2019 they will release their debut album Interlacing of Worlds. A conceptual work taking over two years to reach completion.

Interlacing 2

You can tell those two years were well spent as Interlacing of Worlds is an epic metal soundtrack. A short but effective intro, Era Novum detailing the synth sounds and symphonic style electronica that we’ll hear across the full album. Of course it’s just a precursor to On Other Planets, a much more out there heavy attack. Post-like rhythm gives way to a chunkier sound with sorrowful elements layered throughout. It takes us across a spectrum of styles enhanced by a killer set of death metal like vocals.

Such an excellent start demands more of the same and Catatonia doesn’t disappoint by going down the gothic route. A chilling guitar tone, whispered vocals and eerie effects help it stand out. Whereas the title track is far more uplifting thanks to an absolutely delightful chorus that warms the heart although the savagery that surrounds it threatens to take things back down.

Waiting for Dawn is twinkly softness as an intermission before Until Heaven rages hard and heavy with an effects driven track mixed with chugging guitars. It’s shorter then most on the album but still comes across massive. This young band really know how to deliver a listen that could reach the cosmos.

It’s never boring and that really is an impressive feat. To Freedom is as heartening as anything heard so far while You See The Light has a little tug on the emotions. As pretty as the synth and electronica can be, the metal almost always dominates and Return to the Soul understand how to be heavy while not losing their core sound.

The last original song, No One Will Notice is synthy electronica for about a minute with guitars and drums being infused to close it out. It’s not the final track though as we get a fantastic cover of Paradise Lost’s Honesty in Death. Already an absolute classic from the doom-Brits, Return of the Soul do it justice and give it their own spin to make it a required listen.

Which is exactly what Interlacing of Worlds is. Required listening.

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Return of the Soul – Interlacing of Worlds Full Track Listing:

1. Era Novum
2. On Other Planets (feat. Den Kotovsky from Drops Of Heart)
3. Catatonia
4. Interlacing Of Worlds
5. Waiting For The Dawn
6. Until Heaven
7. To Freedom
8. You See The Light
9. No One Will Notice
10. Honesty In Death (Paradise Lost Cover)



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here. Find out more about Return of the Soul by checking out their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel.

Return of the Soul - Interlacing of Worlds (Self Released)
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