Album Review: Blind Channel – Exit Emotions (Century Media Records)

Finnish chart-topping nu-metal stars Blind Channel return with their new album, ‘Exit Emotions’, which will be released on 1st March 2024 via Century Media Records. The band’s fifth full-length studio effort is the follow up to 2022’s Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous.

The nu-metal revival is well and truly in place, and even though Blind Channel aren’t a recent entry, they’re doing more than most to bring the sound back. Albeit from a more imaginative place.

Now, I will admit to having some bias when it comes to records billed as ‘nu-metal’ as I don’t have a lot of love for the style and sound. Even though it must be pointed out that it’s quite a varied genre term and 90’s nu-metal was my entry point into metal. However, I consider myself to be extremely open-minded and always hopeful that a record will be so strong, that I can’t deny its quality. After all, Blind Channel must be doing something right considering their popularity.

That popularity sure makes a lot of sense once this album is heard.

Blind Channel know anthems, and they know how important a chorus is to this kind of music. Most of the album is kept peppy and sharp, and it draws from the alternative world as much as it does from the nu-metal world. As far as creativity goes; combining big alt sounds, modern pop and electronica, and no small amount of garish intensity, Blind Channel have you sorted. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Credit must be given in regard to how varied this album is, and how anthemic the overall thing ends up being, but it is an overall mixed experience. For every tune that is inherently likable, such as Where’s the Exit, Deadzone, Die Another Day, Happy Doomsday, and Red Tail Lights,there are tracks like XOXO, KEEPING IT SURREAL, PHOBIA, and FLATLINE (why is it most of the tracks that are all CAPS?). Tracks that just don’t hit, often because the ideas are a little all over the place and the expected big chorus falls flat.

I don’t think it’s a big deal to suggest that Exit Emotions isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes as an overall thing. Yet, it is fair to say that everyone will take something from it, and that is important as it means Blind Channel have had some impact, even if it’s not as big for some as it is others. What this album undeniably has it widespread appeal outside of just the rock and metal world. It does Blind Channel no harm to have more ears on their music and is the exact reason they are topping charts.

Which makes my lack of love for this album unimportant because I know so many others will love it and that’s a damn good thing.

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Blind Channel – Exit Emotions Track Listing:

1. Where’s the Exit
2. Deadzone
3. Wolves in California
6. Die Another Day
8. Happy Doomsday
9. Red Tail Lights
10. Not Your Bro
12. One Last Time…Again


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Blind Channel - Exit Emotions (Century Media Records)
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