Album Review: Requiem For Oblivion – Burning Nation (Self Released)

Tech death metal band, Requiem for Oblivion will release their new album, Burning Nation on June 09 2017 (Physical) & June 14 (Digital).

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Burning Nation is 8 tracks of disjointed, dark & angry metal. 8 tracks of brutal riffs, guttural vocals & furious drum beats all wrapped up in a proggy sound.

Fuckisil & Shards of Glass open the album with a bang. The former takes a little while to really find its stride, the mesh of sound eventually coming together to offer some hardcore brutality that resonates on a deeper level. The latter is a much darker sounding affair, almost black metal in style. The guitar work here is a bit jam session-like & it becomes a bit of a struggle to pick out other elements as the instrument is loud in the mix.

The ‘all over the place’ sound begins to come together more fluidly as the album goes on. The intensity of Trench Battle Chaos, the doomy riffs of Death Legion, the chaotic-ness of Burning Nation & the sharp blast to the face of The Alpha, The Omega. It’s track after track of solid death metal.

Things wrap up with the disappointing I Am Myth before Disguised completely flips the album on its head. The best song on the record by far has clean vocals, rhythm that isn’t found elsewhere & some fantastic riffs. It’s at complete odds with what we’ve heard so far, it could be a completely different band!

A hell of an ending to an album that overall can be described as solid, good tech/prog death metal. A bit more structure & Requiem for Oblivion would really have something here. Well worth keeping an eye on especially when they’re dropping tracks like Disguised in at the end!

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Requiem for Oblivion – Burning Nation Full Track Listing:

1. Fuckisil
2. Shards of Glass
3. Trench Battle Chaos
4. Death Legion
5. Burning Nation
6. The Alpha, The Omega
7. I Am Myth
8. Disguised

You can pick up the album, Burning Nation now over on Bandcamp. You can find out more about Requiem for Oblivion on Facebook, Twitter & via their website. Head over to ReverbNation & YouTube to check out some of their music.


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Requiem For Oblivion - Burning Nation (Self Released)
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