Album Review: Rekoma – Eadem Errata (Inverse Records)

Eadem Errata is the debut album from Finnish metal band, Rekoma. It’s out on October 6th 2017 via Inverse Records.

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Full of riff-lead heaviness, Eadem Errata is a masterclass in how to create head-banging heavy metal that has just the right amount of melody to touch upon the emotions.

The full blown movie-style epic opening slips into the darkly melodic Dust Becomes My Name. A track of two halves built around two different vocal styles. The clean singing runs alongside a slow & moody groove while the harsher, guttural style plays out alongside some thumping heaviness. It’s the latter of the two that ticks the right boxes for me.

That continues into the sublime roar of fury that is Trial, a thumping slice of groovy metal. The small breakdown & guitar solo near the end particularly stands out. Whereas Revolution & Misguided are just two slamming tracks of riff based heaviness that gets the neck muscles straining.

There’s a certain style of beauty mixed in so that songs like Rise and Fall & the huge finale, Sleepwalker have a more emotive pull  but ultimately Eadem Errata is all about huge metal riffs & choruses. Look no further then Wasteland for proof of that!

Rekoma 2

Rekoma – Eadem Errata Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Dust Becomes My Name
3. Trial
4. Revolution
5. Misguided
6. Rise and Fall
7. Same Old Mistakes
8. Wasteland
9. Sleepwalker

You can order the album via Inverse Records store here & keep up to date with all of Rekoma’s news on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Rekoma - Eadem Errata (Inverse Records)
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