Album Review: Raw In Sect – Kitro (Self Released)

Greek progressive metal/rock act Raw in Sect are set to release their new album entitled Kitro on July 6th 2018.

Kitro 2

Kitro is a little bit of an unusual album. It’s not going to be for everyone as the progressive elements of Raw in Sect are in full force. Therion’s ‘go for your gun’ style rhythm mixed with the jarring vocals isn’t the strongest start but Arena improves things with a much brighter and more exciting sound.

The upswing continues into the excellently groovy, Karnavali and the off-kilter but fun, title track. Seemingly having found their happy place, Raw in Sect’s confidence seeps through the album and it’s hard to not have a smile on your face as you listen to their smart and unique efforts.

Lycanthropy and Argonautes add a pit of pace to proceedings before Trauma misses the mark by being a bit a bland.

It’s a brief dip as the last few tracks bring it back to high quality progressive rock. Parapono is the sweetest and most melodic track on the album, Phrygia delivers memorable riffs, Gramma is a more morose but expanse effort (the best track on the album) and Fortuna closes things out with a nice sounding ballad.

An unusual album but one well worth checking out.

Kitro 1

Raw in Sect – Kitro Full Track Listing:

1. Astro
2. Therion
3. Arena
4. Karnavali
5. Kitro
6. Lycanthropy
7. Argonautes
8. Trauma
9. Parapono
10. Phrygia
11. Gramma
12. Fortuna

You can order the album and find out more by going to Raw in Sect’s website. Support them by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.


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Raw In Sect - Kitro (Self Released)
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