Single Slam – Phylactery by Parius (Tales from the Edlritch Realm)

American melodic death metallers, Parius, have released a new single called Phylactery. Phylactery will feature on the band’s second full length album. That album is called Tales from the Eldritch Realm. It is due to be released independently on the 20th of July.

Parius are from Philadelphia in the US and formed in 2011. The band members were all actually still in high school at the time of their formation. They spent a few years working hard to hone their craft before releasing their debut album, Saturnine, in 2015. They followed this up with an EP called Let There Be Light, in 2017 which leads us to their next release due in July, Tales from the Eldritch Realm.

Tales from the Eldritch Realm represents a new step for the band as they move slightly away from their standard, melodic death metal style. In this album, they aim to touch on multiple genres while maintaining their raw brutality. On top of that, classic horror like The Twilight Zone also get infused to create an intriguing and nightmarish mix.


Parius are Louis Thierry on vocals and George Fenton on guitars. Kenny Rentz is the bassist and Dan Silver is on the drums. The first taste of Tales from the Eldritch Realm comes in the form of this single, Phylactery.

Phylactery is just shy of 6 minutes long. It has a fast and groove laden riff with speed drums to start you off. The vocals come in and are dark and forceful. They do mix it up in tone a bit which sounds great. The riffs continue to slam before a neat solo blares out over the top of the underlying brutality. What comes next throws you off guard completely as the track starts switching up. A proggy guitar interlude leads into clean vocals before returning to the blackest of vocals. Creative or a little mad? Sometimes it is hard to tell for sure as so many unexpected elements come so quickly.

Crushing breakdowns are followed by rock guitar lines. Spoken words come in over acoustic melody. The drums stop, start and switch timing constantly. At times it does feel a little disjointed but mostly it is an intriguing and exciting listen. Parius are obviously full of ideas, creative and more than a little eccentric. The output of that is hard and heavy music with many different angles and songs that keep you guessing. Great stuff.

Phylactary premiered over on Svbterranean. You can check it out there, by following this link.

You can preorder a copy of Tales from the Eldritch Realm from Parius’ Bandcamp page here. You can also grab copies of their older work from the same place. Check out the band on their Facebook and Instagram page for more information on them and their music. Be sure to give them a like and follow while you are there.

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Phylactery by Parius (Tales from the Edlritch Realm)
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