Album Review: Rapheuments Well – Enders Door (Test Your Metal Records)

The new album, Enders Door from sci-fi metal band, Rapheuments Well (Ra-few-mets) is due out on May 26th via Test Your Metal Records.

The synopsis of this album is in the fifth era of the Avomenian Empire, amidst the planetary ruins of Vaath, a rogue traveller would discover an artifact that would forever change his place in the cosmos.

Upon arriving to retrieve the artifact, it became apparent that Eryos’s brother Nathyiem would never make it to their arranged meeting point.  In departing from the planet Vaath, Eryos received a distress signal from his brother’s ship, coming from an uncharted planet.  Upon arriving, he found an odd world inhabited by a mysterious species called the Dreth led by lecherous matriarch named Eishar.  It is here that he would uncover a faced-door, an inter-dimensional gateway to the Ender.

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The sense of epic that exists throughout Enders Door hits instantly with its mix of heavy riffs, death metal vocals, classical orchestrations & synth effects. A blend that comes together to create unique music that is chaotic at times while structured beautifully at others.

The Traveller kicks proceedings off in a hugely memorable way with cosmic sounding hooks while Distress on the Aberrant Planet stands out for its incredible guitar solo at the end.

The classical side of the music fits perfectly alongside the crushing metal, musically on par with the likes of modern Dimmu Borgir. There is a story being told here dripping with intrigue. It’s an experience be taken on this journey with Rapheuments Well. Songs like The Autogenous Extinction, Secrets of the Demigod & Lechery Brought the Darkness hammer home the sci-fi style filling each song with deep layered fantastical tales.

A lot of what makes Enders Door such an appealing listen is how it blends soft melodic female vocals alongside the deep-throated death metal vocals. The orchestral elements don’t dominate even though they are clearly present & it doesn’t rely on the same big flourishes throughout.

The melodic moments contrast with the heavy style & while it doesn’t always get it right, it is a satisfying listen. Perhaps the standout song is the title track. A darkly heavy piece of music with some killer drum beats & intense classical highs. The soft female vocals in the background enhance the blast of roaring sound.

9 songs long, Enders Door doesn’t overstay its welcome. The short, punchy Prisoner of the Rift & the furious sounding The Diminished Strategist continue the tale in exciting ways before Nastarian Waltz sees things out in a blur of simple melody. It’s a triple header that ensures Enders Door will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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Rapheuments Well – Enders Door Full Track Listing:

1. The Traveller
2. Distress on the Aberrant Planet
3. The Autogenous Extinction
4. Secrets of the Demigods
5. Lechery Brought the Darkness
6. Enders Door
7. Prisoner of the Rift
8. The Diminished Strategist
9. Nastarian Waltz

You can pick up Enders Door digitally on Bandcamp as well as the physical CD here. The band’s earlier work can also be bought here, on iTunes here, on Amazon & CD Baby. You can find out more about Rapheuments Well over on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Instagram & Google+.


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Rapheuments Well - Enders Door (Test Your Metal Records)
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