Album Review: Tungsten – We Will Rise (Arising Empire)

Tungsten was formed in 2016 by drummer Anders Johansson (ex Hammerfall, ex Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force) after his sons Karl and Nick Johansson had let him listen to some songs they had composed together.

I really liked the songs. My sons are of course younger than me, and the songs were modern metal, like something I could never come up with. At the same time, I could hear melodies that reminded me of Nordic folk music that made me think of the past. The overall impression was catchy heavy metal with both past and future present. I asked Karl and Nick if they wanted to join me in a band and play these songs with me, and I’m happy that they accepted.

With drums (Anders), guitars (Nick) and bass (Karl), and newly composed songs, Tungsten asked Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, ex Planet Alliance, Fullforce) to do vocals.

Now, on September 20th 2019, Tungsten will release their debut album, We Will Rise via Arising Empire.

Who doesn’t love a bit of power metal? Especially when it combines catchy folk melodies, booming industrial-like groove and screeching heavy metal? Well, that’s exactly what we get with Tungsten and their debut offering. Quite familiar and comforting but with enough of their own stamp to make We Rise…well, rise.

It’s Misled that gets the juices flowing after a fairly forgettable start with the title track. Here we get thrilling catchiness to the rhythm and a hell of a vocal performance. From forgettable to unforgettable, The Fairie’s Dance is another a strong one too. The playful melody, coy and cute while retaining the sense of epic with bursts of guitar that sound Rammstein-like.

Coming Home, It Ain’t Over and As I’m Falling don’t mess around too much with the winning formula, instead just strengthening Tungsten’s metal hand.

It’s beginning to seem a bit unbeatable as the industrial-like beat of Sweet Vendetta gets going. A hell of a meaty metal offering, the infusion of effects and that consistent beat slays. Animals is a re-run of the more hyperactive power metal style heard so far while Remember goes the epic route with a fist punching and horns up high effort.

We Will Rise really is a great effort as To the Bottom delivers a knockout blow of tumbling riffs, fast-paced chug and soaring vocals. Impolite lives up to its name by being more ‘upfront’ with its guitars, especially with a wicked solo near the end. All before Wish Upon A Star ends the album on a high with folk melodies driven by the use of a flute and a chorus that couldn’t be anymore power metal.

A excellent release.

Tungsten – We Will Rise Full Track Listing:

1. We Will Rise
2. Misled
3. The Fairies Dance
4. Coming Home
5. It Ain’t Over
6. As I’m Falling
7. Sweet Vendetta
8. Animals
9. Remember
10. To The Bottom
11. Impolite
12. Wish Upon A Star


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Tungsten - We Will Rise (Arising Empire)
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