Album Review: Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage (Self Released)

With world politics being quite the mess it is there is no doubt that a band like Prophets of Rage would have something to say. This, their self-titled debut album is exactly that. 12 tracks of rock & metal blended with hip-hop that is all about making a statement. No matter how out-dated it already sounds.

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Prophets of Rage are a super-group that consist of 3 members of Rage Against the Machine (no Zack de la Rocha). Two members of Public Enemy (DJ Lord and Chuck D) and B-Real of Cypress Hill. It’s an eclectic mix for sure!

If you already are a fan of Rage Against the Machine then chances are you’re going to enjoy Prophets of Rage. Musically it sounds ripped from an era that has long since passed. We weren’t particularly excited about their EP last year (read our review here) but are pleased to say that the self-titled album is an improvement.

Opening with the hot statement of Radical Eyes, the Rage groove alongside the decent rapping gets the blood pumping. It has even got some bite with the heavier flurries of metal. Any questions about passion, about if Prophets were nothing more then a vanity project are answered with that opener & the following track, Unfuck the World.

With Rage Against the Machine making up most of the band it’s really no surprise just how much of the music ticks all those boxes. Unfuck the World is so classic Rage that for a moment you almost expect to hear Zack’s vocals instead!

It’s hard to not miss his more energetic work though even if the group of vocalists here do a good job. Living on the 110, Hail to the Chief & Strength in Numbers are good songs thanks to the heavier music & fiery rapping. When Prophets turn it on they really know how to make an impression.

There are times though when the album doesn’t quite resonate. Songs that are a bit of a waste & comes across as filler. Legalize Me is flat sounding & lacking in energy, The Counteroffensive is 38 seconds of absolutely nothing & Hands Up is very forgettable.

Considering its 12 tracks long, that only a handful can be called bad or below average is a damn good job by the band. It ends with one last middle finger as Smashit takes things back to the basic Prophets of Rage idea of deep hard rock groove & aggressive rap vocals.

A decent finish to a way better album then I could ever have expected. There is plenty of passion & fire coming from Prophets & while it already sounds dated it is far from a bad record.

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Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage Full Track Listing:

1. Radical Eyes
2. Unfuck the World
3. Legalize Me
4. Living on the 110
5. The Counteroffensive
6. Hail to the Chief
7. Take Me Higher
8. Strength in Numbers
9. Fired a Shot
10. Who Owns Who
11. Hands Up
12. Smashit

Check it out yourself below via Apple Music.


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Prophets of Rage - Prophets of Rage (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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