Album Review: Project Pain – Brothers in Blood (FA Records)

Project Pain are a Dutch thrash metal band that pray to the riff with their no-nonsense thrash attitude. Brothers in Blood is their third album & will be released on January 20th 2018 by FA Records.

Project Pain 2

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore…

The crunching riff & drum beat that introduces Project Pain directly calls to the metaller in you. Instantly getting the hairs standing up on the back of the neck, the old-school thrash sound is comfortingly familiar. Primator, Final March & Silent Invader are raging torrents of filth that deliver on all fronts but in particular with the guitar solos.

Project Pain know just how to smash out a good guitar solo & every single track has one that inevitably lifts it. Sitting perfectly alongside some fantastic riffing, booming bass & bitter sounding vocals.

The album flies by in a hail of thrash metal bullets. Track after track delivering intense & pacey riffing. Some might bemoan the lack of variety but with such meaty numbers like the title track ( the drumming is unbelievable), the white-hot power of Regret Nothing (what a guitar solo!) & the huge middle finger of I Don’t Give a Fuck.

Brothers in Blood is a throwback album, one that celebrates all that is great about thrash metal. Intense riffs, screaming solos & an attitude that is all about the heavy.

Project Pain 3

Project Pain – Brothers in Blood Full Track Listing:

1. Primator
2. Final March
3. Silent Invader
4. Eternal Flames
5. Decay
6. Brothers in Blood
7. Regret Nothing
8. Fueled By Fear
9. Driven by Hate
10. I Don’t Give a Fuck

You can order the album & earlier releases via Bandcamp & via Project Pain’s website. Stream & pick up some of their earlier releases via Spotify & Apple Music below. You can find out more about the band on Facebook, Twitter and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Project Pain - Brothers in Blood (FA Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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