Album Review: Press To Enter – From Mirror To Road (Self Released)

Danish progressive rock and metal trio, Press to Enter, will release their debut album ‘From Mirror To Road’ on November 24th, 2023.

It’s always an exciting moment, that first riff or melody from a band you’re not aware of, as their album kicks off. What will it sound like? Will it thrill? Will it set the senses alight? Or will it make your blood run cold? I say this because Press to Enter begin their new album in grin-inducing fashion. Instantly showcasing their progressive ways, but also how they marry the lighter side of rock with more determined heavy rhythms, then coat it with a pop-based sensation. Pall to the Wall is a delightful introduction to this band.

Happily, it’s not the only high point either, and Sky High Places has the trio really stretching their progressive muscles a bit more. Featuring more complex elaboration and an even better layering of the vocal parts. Before Evolvage gets funky, has some groove, and dives deeper into some of the prominent 80s vibes that Press to Enter offer across the record. This first third of the album will tell you everything you need to know about this band.

A short intermission of cinematic sounding melody with QCKFX breaks things up, flowing comfortably into the atmospheric pop/rock fusion that is Painkiller. A lovely piece that has anthemic qualities that freshens up the palette, ready for something more progressively cathartic with Frozen Red Light. A track that features these eccentric bursts that play well against the soaring vocals.

The final third of the album continues to impress as Press to Enter go for something with layers of dreamy melody and jerky guitar parts on The Try. Creating an exciting ambience that keeps the mind on edge. Then hit a dramatic high with CITA, before wrapping things in spectacular style with the giant effort that is Cry Trigger. A ‘kitchen sink’ style effort, it’s slightly over nine minutes long and features the most extravagant examples of Press to Enter’s progressive creativity. Ending the satisfying record in style.

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Press to Enter – From Mirror To Road Track Listing:

1. Pall To The Wall
2. Sky High Places
3. Evolvage
5. Painkiller
6. Frozen Red Light
7. The Try
9. Cry Trigger


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Press To Enter - From Mirror To Road (Self Released)
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