Album Review: Places Around the Sun – Places Around the Sun (Self Released)

Portuguese heavy rock band Places Around the Sun will release their third full-length album on September 25th 2020. This self-titled work embodies the band’s eclectic, Western-tinged sound and the progression of their musical mission. 

Their most personal record to date – for that reason, the band decided it would be self-titled. In it, the idea of transformation that has been influencing Places Around The Sun for the past four years was extended to the entire writing and recording process, being transposed in its sound, themes and overall concept.

Heartfelt and with meaning behind it, Places Around the Sun play with a consistency to their rocking sound that can lift and drop the soul in quick succession. Thanks to strong musical chops, where bouncy rhythms play off heavier riffs and the vocals have a mournful edge, this self-titled release is kept interesting across the ten tracks it offers.

It’s an interesting contrast, groovy beats that have a fair bit of pep and vigour to them, against a more thoughtful style of singing. Yet, while it might take a song or two to really get to grips with it, once things fall into place it becomes addictive listening. The foot will begin to tap, the fingers will begin to snap and the head will begin to nod, all involuntarily.

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The sign of a good album is the realisation that your body is reacting to what you’re hearing without needing to really concentrate. Places Around the Sun’s self titled is one of these albums.

Places Around the Sun – Places Around the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Lost I Am Found
3. The Wanted One
4. Bury It
5. Chasing Tails
6. Embracer
7. Down the Road
8. Interlude
9. Rising Sun
10. Eight


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Places Around the Sun - Places Around the Sun (Self Released)
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