Album Review: Pestifer – Expanding Oblivion (XENOKORP)

With its analogue and near-live sound and mastering by Victor BULLOK (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID…), “Expanding Oblivion” is not only inspired by classic Sci-Fi literature (Liu CIXIN, Isaac ASIMOV…), it’s a metaphorical chronicle of our relationship with technology without being moralistic. With a lyrical concept wide enough in its building of a whole Universe for the listener let the imagination flow… Welcome aboard, resistance is futile!

Belgian Tech-death metallers, Pestifer will release Expanding Oblivion via Xenokorp on March 13th 2020.

High intensity and a potent delivery, Pestifer fit neatly into the ever expanding realm of sci-fi inspired tech-death. Not one to just be content with fitting in though, the band make sure you’ll notice them jostling for position with an capacious, mechanical and humourless album.

Pestifer are fixated and engrossed on what they’re looking to accomplish here which does result in a substantial listen for us. Filling the mind with all manner of images and thoughts, it is a swirling vortex of death causing pain and suffering. A fusion of metal and tech that is both wondrous and horrific to witness.

The effort put in pays off, that much is clear as Expanding Oblivion is a beastly album. Raging away with some serious power, the likes of The Remedy, Swallower of Worlds, Grey Hosts and Omniscient convey a motivated band able to deliver on the promise of uncompromising tech-death.

Pestifer – Expanding Oblivion Full Track Listing:

1. The Remedy
2. Ominous Wanderers
3. Silent Spheres
4. Disembodied
5. Swallower of Worlds
6. Fractal Sentinels
7. Grey Hosts
8. Lone Entity
9. Omniscient
10. Ultimate Confusions
11. Expanding Oblivion




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Pestifer - Expanding Oblivion (XENOKORP)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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