Album Review: Persecutory – Towards The Ultimate Extinction (Godz Ov War Productions)

Istanbul blackened death metal band, Persecutory will release their new album, Towards the Ultimate Extinction on June 30th 2017 via Godz Ov War Productions.

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Towards the Ultimate Extinction is filled with crushing blackened death metal with some great thrash based riffs & serious rawness to it. Opening with the intense Pillars of Dismay, it’s a hard hitting start with plenty of head-banging riffs. A killer direction change near the end is just outstanding & caps off a fantastic opener.

It’s followed by the title track, coming in at over 11 minutes long. Fast paced, the beat is so good & the vocals immense to listen too. The occasional screams & roars adding layers to an already deep sounding song. Incredibly heavy, it’s got a great drop that just brings in even more crushing riffs & hooks. The 11 minutes fly by in a whirlwind of inventive metal sounds that keeps the heaviness at the core.

Throughout Towards the Ultimate Extinction has a number of standout styles. The echoing shouted vocals, the intense hard-hitting drum beats…there is plenty of invention alongside the furious metal.

Till Relentless Salvation Comes, Along the Infernal Hallways & Awakening the Depraved Era are no screwing around blast of metal. Filth encrusted vocals & constant mind-warping riffs. It’s a non-stop brutal assault, one that is very welcome.

Towards The Ultimate Extinction has a real primal sound & that is showcased perfectly on Hegemony of the Ruinous Impurity. The marching drum beat at the end is hair-raising stuff.

An incredible album ends on one last furious attack, a re-recorded version of an earlier song, Maelstroms of Antireligious Chaos. It’s a great finish to a super-strong blackened death metal release. It’s constant furious heavy noise is appealing & exciting.

Persecutory 2

Persecutory – Towards The Ultimate Extinction Full Track Listing:

  1. Pillars Of Dismay
  2.  Towards The Ultimate Extinction
  3.  Till Relentless Salvation Comes
  4. Along The Infernal Hallways
  5. Awakening The Depraved Era
  6. Hegemony Of The Ruinous Impurity
  7. Maelstroms Of Antireligious Chaos

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp as well as earlier releases. Check out Persecutory over on Facebook & check out Godz Ov War Productions website for many other releases.

Persecutory - Towards The Ultimate Extinction (Godz Ov War Productions)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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