Album Review: Percy – Monorail (Ten Foot Records)

Percy are a post-punk quartet from York, England and will release their new offering, Monorail via Ten Foot Records on all streaming platforms on the 25th of June 2022.

Written in the aftermath of the pandemic, a subconscious theme emerges as the band’s vivid imagination reflects on the rupture of normality that we all shared. The frustration of being locked up, being an impotent bystander as restrictions are imposed, insomnia, wanting another life, wanting to be back amongst friends, wanting the freedom of the open desert as you live a life through your TV box sets. The on-line world is not the real world.

It’s amazing that Percy have been around in some form or another since 1996 and are still going in 2022. What’s even more amazing is that this new album is a real barnburner of eclectic and electric post-punk sounds. Nothing goes quite the way you might expect and Percy are proving that age is but a number.

Though, even the most open-minded person might raise an eyebrow upon hearing opener Chunks. Where the shout of ‘chunks’ and an off-beat melody shifts into punkier snarls and rambunctious groove. It’s as weird as it sounds but it is exciting.

Speaking of excitement, ICU and Midnight on Broadway offer it in different styles. The former with an off-beat, psych-fusion style and the latter with finger-snapping, foot-tapping and head-nodding groove. Throw in the heavy guitar sound and methodical vocal deliver of Dry Your Tears and the punkier rhythm of Disinfect Me and you have a first half that is as eccentric as you can possibly imagine.

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Credit to Percy, their creativity is off the charts on Monorail and whereas the title might conjure up images of a sleek, fast, and rigid train, this album is the complete opposite. A bit rough, varying tempos and all over the place. It’s not quite out of control, but it’s not far off.

I Want is a highlight, as the 80’s style synth, melody and rocking pace is so infectious. Before Rock A Hula, I’ve Been Down, Bellhouse Way and What Lez Said keep the album uniquely interesting. Each as wacky and lovable as the last. Post-punk but with an old school rock twist and with a modern lens shone on it.



Finally, it’s Last Chance Saloon and here, we get a Percy track to leave you with a big smile on the face. Where the band deliver a thriving instrumental extension of everything heard so far, while continuing to push the limits of what they are capable of. Which turns out to be quite a bit, even after 26 years of existence.

Percy – Monorail Full Track Listing:

1. Chunks
2. ICU
3. Midnight on Broadway
4. Dry Your Tears
5. Disinfect Me
6. I Want
7. Rock A Hula
8. I’ve Been Down
9. Bellhouse Way
10. What Lez Said
11. Last Chance Saloon


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Percy - Monorail (Ten Foot Records)
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