Album Review: Pathetic – Rat King (Self Released)

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, demonic death metal entity Pathetic has been raising the corpses and disturbing the mortals since 2015. To date, the group has 2 EPs and 1 split (w/ Peruvian impious black/death army Putrid) under their belt.

Rat King 2

Heavily influenced by the North and South American dark death metal masters, Pathetic aims to create harsh and provocative music unique to themselves. Their forthcoming debut full length, Rat King, is no exception. Apart from dealing with various dark topics, some parts of this opus picture ancient mythological and frightful folkloric matters such as Hamatsa, Rat King and Shetani.

Rat King is slated for worldwide release this July 12th digitally and on CD.



There is a touch of doom to Pathetic’s death metal mastery, one that gives the gurgling brutality a bit more darkness. Really present on the opener, Natural Born Losers, the sloth-like pace is horrifying. However, it is the whine of the guitars and the guttural vocals that really sells things. As it quickens bit by bit we begin to see a more recognisable death metal style come out to play.

It’s Hamatsa that really lets loose with a load of putrid noise spat out before The Fatal Charade takes control and structures the guitars for far more impact. Going Postal unsurprisingly has a dark theme, opening with the sound of reports about someone who went ‘postal’ before exploding into death metal fury. A very impactful track.

Pathetic are well and truly off the leash now so trying to catch them and regain some form of control is near impossible. Death metal aggression with the full force of a confident band. The title track and Shetani move at different speeds but have a similar effect although the latter is a bit more basic in that it sticks to the death metal formula more than any other.

More doomier guitars with Frozen to Death (The Starlight Tours), punkish intensity with Slob and its rockier rhythm and the brain melting sound of Defecating Upon the Grave of the Grand Wizard. All keeping Rat King on the right tracks, no complaints and no obvious issues.

It then wraps up perfectly fine with one last huge slab of titanic metal in the form of Empty Threat. A feral and furious assault that does exactly what it needs too. All to see out Rat King in style and cementing Pathetic as one to watch.

Pathetic 1

Pathetic – Rat King Full Track Listing:

1. Natural Born Losers
2. Hamatsa
3. The Fatal Charade
4. Going Postal
5. Rat King
6. Shetani
7. Frozen to Death (The Starlight Tours)
8. Slob
9. Defecating Upon the Grave of the Grand Wizard
10. Empty Threat


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Pathetic - Rat King (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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