Single Slam – Parasite by Betraying the Martyrs (Rapture)

French deathcore masters, Betraying the Martyrs are back with news of a new album and the first single from it, Parasite.

The new album is called Rapture and will be released on the 13th of September via Sumerian Records. It will be the bands 4th full length, following 2017’s The Resilient. We caught them on tour for Th Resilient back in 2017. They were excellent and you can read more about that London show here.

Betraying the Martyrs are 6 strong as a band. On lead vocals we have Aaron Matts and with cleans and keyboards we have Victor Guillet. Boris Le Gal is on the drums with Valentin Hauser on bass. On rhythm guitar it’s Baptiste Vigier and on leads, Steeves Hostin.


Speaking about Parasite, Aaron Matts comments: “The song is a subject that I’ve wanted to touch on for quite some time now. It speaks of an internal battle of the minds between myself and that evil self that I’m sure we all have and know all too well. The story speaks of the innocent untainted self that ultimately trumps and returns to defeat this metaphorical parasite of depression and anxiety. The song is more of a celebration of overcoming a dark period in my life, but can be seen from more than one perspective. We’re in love with the music video – Igor did a fantastic job as he always does, and we absolutely cannot wait for people to see what we’ve been working so hard on!”

Parasite is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long and is really good. A wavy guitar starts us off before a huge crunch of metallic guitar tones and powerful drums kicks things up a notch. The higher sounds of keyboard synth in the background works well giving contrast to the deep riff. The verse sees the guitars fade back and allow the bass and synth to jump forward while the vocals are delivered in a slow, menacing growl. As the verse progresses the guitars start creeping back in before they explode with force and lead us into the chorus.

The chorus itself is catchy as hell, mixing clean and unclean vocals brilliantly while pounding out a vicious riff. The heaviness stays for the second verse and chorus before heading into a venomously angry vocal section with wicked drum rolls. From there we get a short instrumental section that has a real futuristic, industrial sound to it. We end with a repeat of the amazing chorus before a bassy, slamming guitar hook to end.

Damn! Parasite is absolutely brilliant. Everything is on point here. The crunching riffs, punchy drum beats and earth shuddering bass mix gloriously with some backing synth. The vocals, and mix of styles, works a treat. Everything feels layered and full and is just immensely listenable. If this is a sign of what is to come on Rapture, we could be looking at one of the albums of the year here. Brilliant song!

Check out Parasite now on all the usual streaming platforms. Preorder Rapture from Sumerian Records here.


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Parasite by Betraying the Martyrs (Rapture)
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