Album Review: Oxblood Forge – Decimator (Self Released)

Doom-anchored heavy metal quartet Oxblood Forge will release third full-length album Decimator on June 18th, 2021.

The hair is flying, the denim is tight, and the smell of sweat is in the air. The heavy metal image encapsulated in a flurry of riffs and heavy head-banging beats on opening track Into the Abyss. No nonsense at first, there’s a subtle doomy drawl to proceedings and it wraps up with a killer guitar solo for even more punch.

That foot tapping, head-nodding and horn throwing aspect continues into the title track and following Forged in Fire. Both apt titles as Oxblood Forge showcase that they’re made of steel and fire runs through their veins.

If you feel the same, made of steel and with fire in your veins, then Decimator is right up your street. The doomier tinge the band has doesn’t overshadow what is an unashamed heavy metal banger. Spirit of Vengeance, Mortal Salience, Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down) and Screams from Silence…. Banger after banger that gets the blood well and truly pumping.

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If you want something with a bit more doom to it though, their cover of Angel Witch’s Sorceress will more than satisfy. Angel Witch are an underrated gem of a band and this song is one of their best. So Oxblood Forge had their work cut out for them but they step up and deliver a damn fine cover.

After that, a bit of energy is needed so along comes the finale of Ironbound. One last chunky and riffy head-banger to leave things on a high.

Oxblood Forge – Decimator Track Listing:

1. Into the Abyss
2. Decimator
3. Forged in Fire
4. Spirit of Vengeance
5. Mortal Salience
6. Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down)
7. Screams from Silence
8. Sorceress (Angel Witch cover)
9. Ironbound


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Oxblood Forge - Decimator (Self Released)
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