Album Review: Order of the Mess – To Rock, Life, Love (Self Released)

Formed in 2013 after they both ended up living in Cork, Ireland. Irish-based, Italian power-rock duo Order of the Mess have unleashed their debut album, To Rock, Life, Love.

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Made up of sultry vocals, hard-rocking riffs and simple but effective rhythm, To Rock, Life, Love is an impressive debut from the duo. The bar is set high early on with Foolish or Wise and Si-B. The latter in particular showing a bit more invention with its higher-tempo hooks.

Order of the Mess’ hard rock patter is very appealing as the duo have buckets of talent. The likes of Synth, War, Scream and Question of Time bring body-shaking groove.

While Bring Me Where You Want, Calm Down and Delay-So are just catchy as hell rocking tunes with a feel-good edge. The latter of that bunch is arguably the album’s finest moment that will put a huge smile on faces with it’s uplifting guitar melody.

It would be unfair to call To Rock, Life, Love a simple album as Order of the Mess aren’t being lazy and throwing out a standard hard rock record. What it is, is easy to digest and easy to get your head around. That’s no bad thing.

Give To Rock, Life, Love a little of your time. You won’t regret it.

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Order of the Mess – To Rock, Life, Love Full Track Listing:

1. Foolish or Wise
2. Si-B
3. Touch My Soul
4. Synth
5. War
6. Bring Me Where You Want
7. Uncle Kravitz
8. Scream
9. Calm Down
10. Delay-So
11. Question of Time
12. Raw

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You can pick up To Rock, Life, Love now via Spotify, Deezer, via Amazon above and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with tours and news by like Order of the Mess’ Facebook Page then following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Order of the Mess - To Rock, Life, Love (Self Released)
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