Album Review: Centauro – Daño Colateral (Self Released)

Unleashing their eighth and latest release ‘Daño Colateral’ digitally this past April, Mexican thrashers Centauro announced they will be making the new album available on CD as of June 30, 2018 through Bandcamp and distributor Ablaze Productions.

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Daño Colateral is a concept album focused on the turbulent story of a person that was born into awful situations and throughout their life, continues to experience numerous setbacks even through effort and good will; a subjective message to decadence of society and modern system thoughts.

Drummer Mario Rivera further explains:

“The album is a story about a person that has been born from rape, that’s why this newborn is unwanted; So he and his brother work their way through the struggles of life until his brother dies. He gets angry with life and his resentment burns until he gets into prison for vandalism. In prison, he learns how to be a real criminal, and when he is released, he begins a path of violent crimes and killing until his madness makes him commit suicide.”



There is something so comforting about Centauro’s trash metal sound. One foot firmly planted in the old school with the other in a clean and fresh technical edge. Nothing is lost in translation as the thumping rhythm, hyper riffing and screeching solos can be understood in any language (Centauro sing in Spanish).

Firing off track after track of hard-hitting thrashy metal with some unexpected moments. Such as the latter minute of Extenuante Cometido which sees the track turned on its head before a horn-throwing guitar solo is spat out. Then there is the machine-gun speed of the riffs in Al Pie del Borde, the high-pitched whine of the instrumental En Decadencia and the almost symphonic section that pops in Colmando un Oscuro Vacío. Surprising stuff for thrash metal.

Which sums up Daño Colateral nicely. A thrash album with plenty of surprises.

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Centauro – Daño Colateral Full Track Listing:

1. Aberrante Creación
2. Extenuante Cometido
3. I.D.S.
4. Al Pie del Borde
5. El Derecho del Mártir
6. En Decadencia
7. Sentencia de Muerte
8. Colmando un Oscuro Vacío
9. Delirio Esquizofrénico
10. Impulso Terminal

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You can pick up the album digitally as well as earlier releases via Bandcamp here. Stream it now via Spotify, Google Play and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Centauro’s Facebook Page, following them on TwitterInstagram and watching some of their videos on YouTube.

Centauro - Daño Colateral (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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