Album Review: Opprobrium – The Fallen Entities (High Roller Records)

Death/Thrash pioneers and brothers Francis (Guitars, Vocals) and Moyses M. Howard (Drums), who brought you the worldwide critically acclaimed albums “Serpent Temptation”, “Beyond The Unknown”, “Discerning Forces” and “Mandatory Evac”, present their first studio release in 10 years and describe it as their most ambitious album to date.

Opprobrium are ready to unleash their fifth full-length entitled “The Fallen Entities” via High Roller Records on February 22nd 2019.

Opprobrium 2

A fitting title for the opening track as Opprobrium’s new album will indeed make you think of Dark Days and Dark Times. It’s immediately clear that this is an album of fury. An album with a bite as bad as its bark.

It’s an album that is all about release and across 8 tracks and 40+ minutes Opprobrium release everything they have.

If all of this sparks your interest and a thrash/death hybrid is your jam then it’s a no brainer that you should be checking out The Fallen Entities. The chug of the guitar, the thumb of the drum beat and the horror of the vocals all combine to create a simple sounding but deeply rewarding listen.

Creations That Await and Wicked Mysterious Events are two tracks that sit in the first half and will leave you feeling uncomfortably numb. They’re both different but both are equally aggressively heavy. A showcase of rawness that Opprobrium seem to make sound so easy.

Battering away at the senses, Throughout the Centuries is up there as the best track on the album thanks to the drumming. Here, it really stands out and drives the tempo of the track perfectly. It’s then followed by another absolutely rager as Turmoil Under the Sun threatens chaos with its off-base pacing.

Then In Danger has the audacity to stick more rigidly to the thrash formula before Obstructive Behaviour goes all out one more time to ensure we’re not going away unhappy.

After listening to this, how could we?!

Opprobrium 1

Opprobrium – The Fallen Entities Full Track Listing:

1. Dark Days, Dark Times
2. Creations That Affect
3. Wicked Mysterious Events
4. The Fallen Entities
5. Throughout the Centuries
6. Turmoil Under the Sun
7. In Danger
8. Obstructive Behaviour



The album can be ordered in a number of formats via High Roller Records here as well as digitally via Bandcamp. Find out more by checking out Opprobrium’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Opprobrium - The Fallen Entities (High Roller Records)
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