Album Review: Ondt Blod – Natur (Fysisk Format)

Natur is the second album from Norwegian hardcore, Ondt Blod unit & offers a blend of hardcore, grim metal and catchy punk. The album will be released on the 9th March 2018 via Fysisk Format.

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Razor sharp in its delivery, the title track’s hardcore verses blend perfectly with the catchy pop-punk choruses before Andre Liv boosts the feel-good factor of the album. The latter of the two is far more commercially listenable with all the trimmings that you might expect from American-style pop-punk but with the Norwegian mob’s own take on it.

That they seamlessly move from bouncy riffs & clean vocals to grinding metal with screamo-style hardcore is testament to the excellence on show here. The number of fun & catchy tracks throughout the album ensures it’s one that’s going to be revisited many times this year.

Ondt Blod know how to write memorable choruses as Start Han Opp, Med Ulver & Storma making Natur such an accessible record for most. Even the more hardcore heavy moments still have enough lightness to get the foot tapping along.

Those moments are so thrilling when they arrive such as on the harsher sound of Giftige Tunga & Giron. A pair of rough & ready tracks that punch hard with their riffs & aggressive vocal form.

Ondt Blod is a very unique album that gets the blend of hardcore & catchy pop-punk so right.

Ondt Blod 2

Natur – Ondt Blod Full Track Listing:

1. Natur
2. Andre Liv
3. Start Han Opp
4. Unge Kniva
5. Med Ulver
6. Når Sirenan Sakte Dør
7. Store Ord (Røyk og Speil)
8. Storma
9. Giftige Tunga
10. Giron

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp as well as here where you can also pick up merchandise. Stream the first single on Spotify & via Apple Music below. Find out more about Ondt Blod here, via their website & on Facebook here. You can also check out some of their videos over on YouTube.

Ondt Blod - Natur (Fysisk Format)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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