Album Review: Omniarch – Omniarch (Self Released)

Edmonton’s Omniarch are set to release their debut self-titled album on May 8th, 2020. Melodic, technical and relentless, the Canadian act is refining the chaos of death metal and adding intricate technicalities.

They have cast their net wide and expect to entice fans across the metal spectrum, in their own words:

It is suitable for fans of aggressive, progressive and technical metal music, it is something new, but still within the realms of what we know and love. Our debut album is our full, headlining set, and plays great in the order of the album.

Fire and fury with a really strong technical edge, Omniarch live and breathe their metal, choking all who share the same space. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly just what makes it such a savage album. The savagery of the vocals, the thumping hostility of the drums, the choppy wildness of the guitars… the combination is astonishing.

The eyes will water as Caligula brims with energy, only the melodic drop in the latter half giving a moment to wipe away the tears. A Voracious Awakening blazes with unrepenting fire but it’s Humanaut that really turns the heat up. The hyper-pace of Omniarch’s death metal turned up an extra notch to face-melting levels.

To much? There’s no chance or desire for Omniarch to cool things down but Ohm Cairn does have a few more hooks and shows range within the rhythm. The guitars showing off odd flairs and delving into a more melodic sound here and there.

Whereas Wrath of Erymanthos and Pathfinder spurt with heavy energy, sharp to the senses and everything great about technical death metal.

Ursa Major is one hell of a closer though. The drums and guitars taking the mood down to dark places, the vocals the sound of hellish noise in the shadows. Then out of the blue the band throw out an absolute beast of a guitar solo. It’s momentously heavy stuff.

Omniarch – Omniarch Full Track Listing:

1. Caligula
2. A Voracious Awakening
3. Humanaut
4. Ohm Cairn
5. Wrath of Erymanthos
6. Pathfinder
7. Ursa Major




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Omniarch - Omniarch (Self Released)
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