Album Review: Obey – Swallow The Sun (Self Released)

Rock & doom juggernauts Obey hail from the Midlands, England. Formed in 2008, Obey have earned their stripes, winning 2011’s Surface Festival, 2012’s Marshall’s Best Guitarist and 2015’s Metal to the Masses, playing at The Millenium Dome, The Koko, The Roundhouse, O2 Birmingham, Sziget Festival and Bloodstock.

To date Obey have released 3 full length albums: New Day Rising (2009), Doom Laden (2012), Maelstrom (2016) and they are now set to release their fourth album, entitled ‘Swallow the Sun’ on the 5th April 2019.

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The chuggy riffs, gruff vocals and dirty bass hooks certainly grab the attention as Back Home gets this nine-track offering under way but it’s the cleaner and more epic sounding chorus that really stands out. An incredible start, there is so much promise from this one track alone.

Promise that is met by the stunning Drive, the mix of wild riffing, crushing doominess and soaring vocals amazes. Then continued by a trio of head-bangers in Call of Judderman, Esmeralda and the Doom Blues and the title track. The latter’s guitar groove is simply fantastic, the pace kept fast and frantic but ordered and structured so impressively.

If you’re not already clear on this, Swallow the Sun is a brilliant album. One that shows off an impressive array of talent and imagination. All while staying rooted in a rockier doom style that sees Obey giving us some of the strongest tracks heard this year so far. Bang your head as hard as possible to the rhythmic intensity of Vultures and catchy heaviness of Emerald Eyes.

No arguments, no questions…check out this album.

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Obey – Swallow the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Back Home
2. Drive
3. Call of the Judderman
4. Star Crusher
5. Esmeralda and the Doom Blues
6. Swallow the Sun
7. The Mountain
8. Vultures
9. Emerald Eyes



The album and current singles released can be picked up over on Bandcamp. Find out more via Obey’s Facebook Page, Instagram and check out their videos on YouTube.

Obey - Swallow The Sun (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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