Game DLC Review: Super Lucky’s Tale – Gilly Island (Xbox One)

Super Lucky’s Tale is a cute & cartoony 3D platformer held back some disappointing issues. Developed by Playful Corp. and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox One. It sees the lovable hero, Lucky go on a quest to help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from the evil Jinx. You can read our full review of the game here.

While short, it never seemed like the kind of game that would get expansion DLC but lo and behold, developer Playful Corp. has released Gilly Island. A new world for fans to explore with 3 additional levels & a challenging boss. Not only that but for achievement hunters there is a whole raft of extra stuff to unlock.

Gilly 3

Costing $4.99/£4.19, Gilly Island is a tropical resort that has seen the evil Lady Meowmalade hijack the good times. Her plan is to throw the greatest party ever as she celebrates the release of her latest single forcing the people of Gilly Island to dance non-stop to her song.

Gilly 2

She’s a fun character & the final battle against her a challenge (similar but not as tough as Jinx). The rest of the content is decent with some nice variety in level designs. There are numerous puzzles, platforming sections & obstacle courses to overcome but those that have sunk time into the main game won’t struggle here.

Gilly 4

It’s disappointing that no new enemies were introduced. Not only that, it can be completed in a handful of hours. However, for the low price it’s certainly worth the money. Ultimately the issues that surround it are the same that exist in the main game. Iffy controls and a poor camera mean that what annoyed you before still exists. Especially as there are some tricky jumps here.

Super Lucky's Tale - Gilly Island
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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