Album Review: Noosed – Butcher (Trepanation Recordings)

Formed in 2019 by Rodge (Ruairi O’Baoighill, Stonecarver, Reilig) and Mand (Rotcart), Noosed has self released two demos digitally and on cassette (S/T 2019, She of the Woods 2019) finished their third release (Butcher 2020, Trepanation Recordings) and is currently working on their fourth (yet untitled, Trepanation Recordings).

Noosed create an aggressive blend of Noise/Grind/Crust/Sludge which is a direct response to the state of the world they live in. They believe humanity is staring through the hangman’s noose and try to reflect this sentiment in their music.

Butcher will be released on May 15th 2020.



Filthy and noisy, Noosed make their feelings known with the aggression of Rot. Fuzzy riffs, booming percussion…this is heavy music to make you uncomfortable. A sudden roar leads to the sound of a recorded voice talking about not knowing pain making it clear what worldwide issue this track is aimed at. When the actual vocals do kick in, it’s as rough and horrifying as you might expect.

The marker laid, Piss and Scum grind the senses with short and violent assaults of noise that are as grimy as crust and grind can possibly get.

Believer then comes next; an echoing voice is followed by a rhythmic drum beat that increases in speed. The guitars then drop a cinder block on the head while the vocals reach indiscernible levels of thickness. It’s quite unique and again, is kept short and to the point.

Like we’re drowning in muck, getting deeper and deeper into the choking filth, Hoist the Noose comes next. The slower sludgy sound just makes it all the more vicious. Whereas the following Leave Something Witchy goes for a faster and thrashier approach.

The obscenities that erupt from Noosed’s sound then comes to an end with the title track. One final ear-bleeding slab of hostility that will leave you grateful it is over but a little desperate for more.

Noosed – Butcher Full Track Listing:

1. Rot
2. Piss
3. Scum
4. Believer
5. Hoist the Noose
6. Leave Something Witchy
7. Butcher


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Noosed – Butcher (Trepanation Recordings)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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