Album Review: Nocturnes Mist – Marquis Of Hell (Seance Records)

Seance Records is pleased to announce Nocturnes Mist’s brand-new opus to be released on June 13th in 2019; their fifth album entitled, ‘Marquis of Hell’.

With ‘Marquis of Hell’ these veterans of second wave black metal carve out not just mere 90s nostalgia but music which contains the spirit of its creators and a time when black metal was spirited and compelling. Influenced by a plethora of 90s Black Metal with traces of the Norwegian and Swedish sound, in addition to the isolated savagery of the early Australian scene. ‘Marquis of Hell’ may serve as a respite from the false, contrived and increasingly diluted state of Black Metal in 2019, not to mention its ever confounding politicisation.

The years spent crafting their sound, creating and designing the ultimate in black metal nastiness has served Nocturnes Mist well. This, their latest release is one of, if the most vile sounding slabs of bleak heaviness heard this year.

An album of savagery, Eyes in Fear and Cursed will tell you everything you need to know about the hellishness on show here. Melody isn’t at the forefront of this album but that doesn’t mean it’s completely missing either as War Machine shows with a little guitar flair in between the speed.

Nocturnes Mist absolutely kill it here. Be it the riff heavy nastiness of Wolves of Satan, the slower but equally as riffy Marquis of Hell or the doom-laden Summoning that reaches peak chaos before slipping into Treacherous Ways. The bile-inducing vocals, mystifying drumming and darkness-covered riffs of this finale sees Nocturnes Mist end with an absolute bang.

Nocturnes 1

Nocturnes Mist – Marquis of Hell Full Track Listing:

1. Abyssus
2. Eyes In Fear
3. Cursed
4. War Machine
5. Wolves Of Satan
6. Marquis Of Hell
7. Summoning
8. Treacherous Ways


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Nocturnes Mist - Marquis Of Hell (Seance Records)
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