Album Review: NocturN – Thrones of Deception (Self Released)

NocturN started as a black metal band in 2000 with Dead Architect (guitars) and Malphas (drums and vox). In 2006 they released their first album called “Death Scent”. Starting with 2008 they started to play live and year 2010 came with the Ep “Impending Damnation” which was recorded live in the rehearsal room.

In 2013 Seer (guitars) and Kroll (bass) joined the band and short after that NocturN started to be more active in the live performance. Released at the end of November in 2018, Thrones of Deception is their latest release.

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Eschewing traditional bleakness, NocturN instead focus on a heavier and more thumping heavy metal sound for Thrones of Deception. It’s got all the ‘evilness’ one could hope for in a black metal record but there are clear thrash, death and heavy influences layered all throughout. From the exciting opening title track (Hell is just a short intro) to the darker stop-start riffing/vocals of Sleeping Sickness to the punchy rhythm of Lustful and Dead. A track that genuinely surprises in just how catchy it is. Hell, it even throws out a pretty sounding guitar solo.

If there’s one thing that’s clear by the halfway point, it’s that NocturN are certainly capable of bringing their own walk to a well-trodden path.

The Skin is Blue and Memento come in at under 3 minutes each keeping the sharp style moving in the right direction. Daring to even have a little groove particularly in the latter. An imaginative take on the traditional black metal sound.

The high tempo continues as NocturN push the limits of the how horrendously evil vocals and earth-shattering drums can sound with Human Harvest. While Posion Injection is a nasty and twisted track.

Thrones of Deception wraps up with two contrasting efforts. Fire From the Sky, short and going for the jugular with furious righteousness. While The Last Flick is the longest and most challenging track thanks to its combination of dark intensity, death-beat of the drums and furious finale.

All fire, no dampness. Thrones of Deception is a very intriguing listen. One that has all the hallmarks of a black metal release but tries something a little fresher.

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NocturN – Thrones of Deception Full Track Listing:

1. Hell
2. Thrones of Deception
3. Sleeping Sickness
4. Lustful and Dead
5. The Skin is Blue
6. Memento
7. Human Harvest
8. Poison Injection
9. Fire From the Sky
10. The Last Flick



The album can be streamed and bought via Bandcamp as well as all other major services such as Spotify. Find out more about NocturN via their website and Facebook Page.


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NocturN - Thrones of Deception (Self Released)
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