Album Review: Night – Raft of The World (The Sign Records)

Raft of the World is the third album from Swedish band, Night & is a modern take on rock & roll. Due out on the September 1st 2017 via The Sign Records.

Night 1

Mixing an old school rock sound with a more bombastic style, Fire Across the Sky begins things with exciting riffs & soaring vocal melodies. Unfortunately Surrender doesn’t quite hit the same highs with a bland beat & boring chorus.

Raft of the World, while far from a bad album just lacks energy, coming across forced & muted a lot of the time. It’s only on the likes of Under the Gallows & Strike of Lighting that the quality really shines through. Both exciting & memorable tracks.

Unfortunately, songs like Time & Winds have nice melody but just don’t stick in the mind. The album is a little obsessed with light guitar strums, they pop up in every song & kind of make things sound far too similar.

The slow, western style ballad of Coin in the Fountain is a surprisingly decent song, nice melody with distant sounding vocals that fit the pretty picture it paints. The album finishes on the punchy Where Silence Awaits, the highlight being when it drops in a slower & moodier style. It’s a finish that the album needed leaving positive thoughts even if you’re unlikely to be listening to this weeks later.

Night 3

Night – Raft of the World Full Track Listing:

1. Fire Across the Sky
2. Surrender
3. Under the Gallows
4. Omberg
5. Time
6. Strike of Lightning
7. Winds
8. Coin in a Fountain
9. Where Silence Awaits

You can order the album on The Sign Records Bandcamp here & via Amazon here. You can find out more about Night on their Facebook page & via their official website here.


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Night - Raft of The World (The Sign Records)
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