Album Review: Nexorum – Death Unchained (Non Serviam Records)

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, blackened death metallers Nexorum consists of members from Keep of Kalessin, Khnonsu, Chton, Vecordious among others. They will release their debut album ‘Death Unchained’ on March 6th 2020 via Non Serviam Records.

Nexorum comment about the album:

We all love playing and listening to music and of course the brutality and intensity of extreme metal. I think it is apparent that the album is written with passion when listening to it. We’re not trying to make groundbreaking music or show of how technically we are able to play, we just want to deliver a solid album that we can be proud of. Hope you will enjoy It!

With so much experience in their ranks it’s no surprise that Death Unchained is a beast of a listen. A blackened death metal release for the new decade, Nexorum bring us 10 tracks of flames that burst forth from the pits of hell.

As guttural, vile and scarring as the horrific things that crawl on their bellies in the darkness, Death Unchained creates sickening curiosity. You know you shouldn’t look but good gods, is it tempting. Once you do though, you’re trapped and under the thrall of such exquisite sights and sounds. Procession of the Damned, Retribution, the title track, Cataclysmic Rebirth and The Luciferian Descent are just some of the great examples of the wondrous savagery on show here.

The best kind of musical assault are the ones you just keep coming back for more of. That is exactly what we get with Death Unchained and it is so worth it.

Nexorum – Death Unchained Full Track Listing:

1. Saligia Moralis Codice
2. Procession of the Damned
3. Great Horned King
4. Retribution
5. Death Unchained
6. Antediluvian Purification
7. Cataclysmic Rebirth
8. Diaboli Stragis
9. The Luciferian Descent
10. Murderer




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Nexorum - Death Unchained (Non Serviam Records)
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