Album Review: Need – Norchestrion: a song for the end (Ikaros Records)

Greece’s leading prog metal group Need return with their long-awaited fifth album, Norchestrion: a song for the end on January 12th, 2021. Norchestrion follows the band’s critically acclaimed LP Hegaiamas: a song for freedom,’ and is another step-up, by far the band’s most ambitious and adventurous album to date.

Over an hour long, Need bring us an epic, a prog epic, with Norchestrion: a song for the end. Although, it’s not the only focus (it is a major part of it of course) as we have melodic metal elements and symphonic power touches too.

It’s a strong combination and handled very well by a band capable of taking the listener on a journey. One filled with massive peaks and deep valleys with Need leading the way.

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There is an expectation, upon seeing the length and knowing that we’re dealing with progressive music, that we might be facing something that descends into self-flagellation. However, that’s not the case with Need. Aside from two specific efforts later on the album, the music is tight and to the point. From the opening build and sharp punch of Avia to the elaborate Beckethead, where Need really begin to stretch their prog muscles and they are gleaming with sweat.

Nemmortal is a hell of a groovy head-banger though, the energy exuded by the band a cut above what has been heard so. With drops into meaningful melody smattered throughout, it’s not a track lacking in detail either. Nor is the blend of punchy metal and aromatic melodies of Bloodlux, the guitars are working overtime here.

V.a.d.i.s. is a chance to take a breather, with its 3-odd minute spoken word/orchestration before the really epic side of Need is unleashed. We’re talking about the near 10-minute grandiose and magnificence of the title track, the 7-minute wanderer that is Circadian and the ‘just short of 19-minutes’ wow-fest that is Ananke.

Here you get the self-serving side of prog but it’s something Need have certainly built towards, so it feels less grandstanding and more necessary. These trio of track alone will send bright and colourful sparks bursting through the mind while also draining the energy through the sheer exhausting experience of keeping up with this bands refined playing.

It’s the latter of those three, Ananke that most will remember. A track defies any and all expectations you might still have for this album. Where Need showcase just how morose, mellow, enlightening and uplifting their style of prog-metal can be.

Setting the bar for prog metal in 2021 already.

Need – Norchestrion: a song for the end Full Track Listing:

1. Avia
2. Beckethead
3. Nemmortal
4. Bloodlux
5. V.a.d.i.s.
6. Norchestrion
7. Circadian
8. Ananke
9. Kinwind


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Need - Norchestrion: a song for the end (Ikaros Records)
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