Album Review: Mother’s Cake – Cyberfunk! (Membran)

Austrian psych-rock trio Mother’s Cake are back with their stunning new LP Cyberfunk! released 18th September 2020 via Membran.

Expect weird and get… Mother’s Cake. There’s no other way to put it but to say this is a modern oddity that will be as polarising as marmite. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.

Kicking off with trippy energy (after the fairly pointless intro of Tapedeck), Toxic Brother is a colourful start. The tempo is super-hot, the psychedelic nature increases as it goes on and it really compels the body to start to move. Things settle for a groovier and more rhythmic effort in Crystals in the Sky before I’m Your President goes insane for a punkish encounter that gets stuck in the brain.

From that into the mellow poppy warble of Love Your Smell just seems par for the course when it comes to Mother’s Cake. The Operator is all about its Rage Against the Machine-style vocals (especially when it hits the chorus) and Cybernova sounds like it belongs in an 80’s sci-fi/noir movie.

The deeper down this rabbit hole you go with Mother’s Cake, the more you find yourself entranced. Simply put, if you’ve made it as far as the funk/disco track Hit On Your Girl, you’re no doubt madly in love with this album and this band.

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They’re not done experimenting though as Lonely Radio makes incredible use of retro effects before it goes bat-shit crazy at the end. Gloria takes the tempo down a notch for a really chilled out affair, although again, watch out for the ending. The Beetle is as straight-forward ‘psych-rock’ as Mother’s Cake gets before this very special album ends with one final reminder that no matter how weird they get, this band know how to create long-lasting music.


Mother’s Cake – Cyberfunk! Full Track Listing:

1. Tapedeck
2. Toxic Brother
3. Crystals In The Sky
4. I’m Your President
5. Love Your Smell
6. The Operator
7. Cybernova
8. Hit On Your Girl
9. Lonely Rider
10. Gloria
11. The Beetle
12. Desire


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Mother's Cake - Cyberfunk! (Membran)
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