Album Review: Moonlight Haze – Lunaris (Scarlet Records)

The second chapter in their fast rising career and the follow-up to their acclaimed 2019 debut ‘De Rerum Natura’, Moonlight Haze’s ‘Lunaris’ consists of eleven tracks that will bring you through a timeless journey far away.

The album’s lyrics are very introspective yet confident and positive, even though they deal with tough themes sometimes, investigating the deepest abyss of our conscience and the complexity of human relationships. In addition, legends and tales from different traditions and cultures will fascinate your imagination and give you some time to think quietly over life and nature.

Moving and imaginative, while also being nice and heavy. Moonlight Haze bring us epic symphonic metal dominated by the excellent vocals of Chiara Tricarico. Her range and power easily the most impressive thing about the band and their new album, Lunaris.

That being said, it’s not the only thing to enjoy here as the complete unit displays strong symphonic chops. Where the bouncy rhythms of the likes of Till the End, Enigma and Wish Upon A Scar sit nicely alongside the melodic extravagance of the likes of The Rabbit of the Moon, Under Your Spell and The Dangerous Art Of Overthinking.

Tracks with plenty of pomp and circumstance about them but truth be told though, it’s not the most exciting of records. That may seem harsh but it’s simply that for everything Moonlight Haze do well, it just doesn’t send the mind aflame. You might find yourself distracted by time the latter parts of the album are reached.

Moonlight Haze – Lunaris Full Track Listing:

1. Till The End
2. The Rabbit Of The Moon
3. Lunaris
4. Under Your Spell
5. Enigma
6. Wish Upon A Scar
7. The Dangerous Art Of Overthinking
8. Without You
9. Of Birth And Death
10. Nameless City
11. Enigma (English Version)


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Moonlight Haze - Lunaris (Scarlet Records)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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