Album Review: 156/Silence – Irrational Pull (Self Released)

Pittsburgh metal/hardcore punishers 156/Silence are proud to release their sophomore album Irrational Pull, due out on June 5th, 2020.

Formed in 2015 in the heart of the Steel City, the Pennsylvanian quartet produces a different type of molten metal — unadulterated metallic hardcore in the vein of Norma Jean, Daughters and Poison the Well. Fronted by Jack Murray, the band embarks on their second album with the dynamic vocalist, who displays more dissonant and emotional feel than predecessors.

No longer attached to Innerstrength Records, the band is looking to make waves this year independent of any label.

Says guitarist Jimmy Howell:

Irrational Pull is the culmination of everything this band has done since 2015. We’ve incorporated themes and tones throughout our entire catalog and created what we believe to be our most cohesive work yet.



The unfeeling and disconnected start of High Dive in a Low Well certainly won’t prepare most for the utter hardcore-tinged, emotionally driven noise that it builds too. Emotional not in sense of tear-jerking but rather the outpouring of frustration, grief, anger and more. It’s exemplified by an incredibly passionate vocal performance and guitars that jerk around like they’re having a fit.

It’s that jerky style that makes God’s Departure and Upset, Unfed such challenging tracks even if they both are quite short. That’s not the case with Taste of Ashes which sits in between that pair or the following double header of Lost Visual and Problem Addict.

Here, 156/Silence extend their emotional range somehow and create some of the most ear-bleeding sounds heard this year. Destructive and thrilling are understatements.

It’s back to the shorter and jagged approach with Conflict of Interest, the guitar tone jarring but appealing in a kind of post way. Before By a Thread, I Suspend burns with hardcore fire and the title track has this dissonant guitar melodies playing off against the vocals, a subtle drum style and later, grumbling bass. One of the stranger tracks on the album.

Fascinating stuff though, as it wraps up with the one track to feature clean singing, Denouement. Where the tempo is slower but certainly not lacking in ferocity as it goes on.

156/Silence – Irrational Pull Full Track Listing:

1. High Dive in a Low Well
2. God’s Departure
3. Taste of Ashes
4. Upset, Unfed
5. Lost Visual
6. Problem Addict
7. Conflict of Interest
8. By a Thread, I Suspend
9. Irrational Pull
10. Denouement


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156/Silence - Irrational Pull (Self Released)
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