Album Review: Moon Tooth – Phototroph (Pure Noise Records)

Progressive rock band Moon Tooth will release their brand-new album ‘Phototroph’ on May 13th, 2022 via pure Noise Records. The follow-up to 2019’s hotly received ‘Crux’.

A complex and exciting listen that drifts between the line of progressive wonder and rock meatiness. Moon Tooth have crafted a challenging, yet fascinating listen, with Phototroph. Where melodies, heart-racing detail and groove with heft capture the imagination. Capped off by a consistent level of vocal melodrama that lifts the mind and soul.

No two tracks sound the same here, with the passive melodies and inertia of the tempo in I Revere leaving things a little cold at first. However, Moon Teeth ramp things up with the chunkier bite that is Back Burner. The progressive detail really taking hold as things get rockier.

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Feet found; Deathwish Blues sees the album becomes brisker as Moon Tooth showcase a vigour not see yet. Before The I That Never Dies brings a similar amount of pep but also varies the tempo in places to create an intriguing balance of melody and rock. It’s clear, up to this point, that this is an album that Moon Tooth have a sunk a lot of passion into.

Speaking of which… Alpha Howl is up there as one of the album’s best tracks, thanks to the smattering of heavy instrumentation and its memorable chorus. A delightful example of how Moon Tooth can turn progressive rock into something more anthemic.

Though O My Isle isn’t far off that too, and The Conduit is a charming mix of modern, radio-tinged rock and progressive wildness. Tracks that keep the album focused and delivering a consistent high of progressive sensations.

Which means the flurry of speed that comes from Nymphaeaceae is something of a surprise as it’s Moon Tooth at their most intense sounding. While not exactly drifting too far from their home base. It’s a thrilling boost as the album reaches its apex. Grip on The Ridge, Carry Me Home and the title track making up the latter portion of the album. Each adding another layer of goodness to the overall package that is Phototroph.

It’s an album, thanks to Moon Tooth’s resolute imagination and willingness to push boundaries, that grows and grows into something quite spectacular.

Moon Tooth – Phototroph Full Track Listing:

1. I Revere
2. Back Burner
3. Deathwish Blues
4. The I That Never Dies
5. Alpha Howl
6. O My Isle
7. The Conduit
8. Nymphaeaceae
9. Grip on The Ridge
10. Carry Me Home
11. Phototroph


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Moon Tooth - Phototroph (Pure Noise Records)
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