Album Review: Katharos – Of Lineages Long Forgotten (Willowtip Records)

Symphonic black metal band, Katharos’ sophomore album ‘Of Lineages Long Forgotten’ will be released on digipak/LP/digital formats via Willowtip Records on May 13th, 2022.

With bombastic pomp twisted by black metal, Katharos make their majestic entrance with the powerful opening track, Those Hornclad. An entrance that is both explosive and dark, as the combination of symphonic grandeur slams into a frenzy of black metal.

Immediately you can draw comparisons to the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, but this is no re-run of those two successful bands. For starters, Katharos layer their music with symphonic flourishes rather than make it the focal point. Secondly, they don’t sugar-coat the black metal and thirdly, few modern bands are delivering this style with as much thought and fervour as Katharos are.

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With an extravagant amount of detail, Katharos continue to explode with black metal vibrancy on Feigned Retreat. Before unleashing the longest track on the album, the title track. Where dark and icy tendrils slide into the soul and no amount of fiery symphonic splendour can warm things up. An exhausting bout of sumptuous chaos that feels like you’re riding on a chariot of fire into the depths of hell. The eventual drop in tempo, the end of an arduous but satisfying experience.

There’s little time to take a breath though as a wave of black metal intensity washes over with The World Serpent’s Marrow. Here, the symphonic elements create something more discordant and harsher. Followed by another 8+ minute effort called Lay Yersinian Seige. A track that sees Katharos stamp out any dissent with a blistering expulsion of black metal, while also layering in lavish supplements to take the edge off.

Finally, it is the paring of I Waged War and Most Dread Portent. The former, a fantastic example of just why this album sits squarely in the harsh black metal camp. The latter, a thrilling mix of tempos that also sees Katharos reach new depths in regards to how heavy they can go.

Symphonic black metal needs fresh blood and you’re not getting any fresher than what Katharos are offering on Of Lineages Long Forgotten.

Katharos – Of Lineages Long Forgotten Full Track Listing:

1. Those Hornclad
2. Feigned Retreat
3. Of Lineages Long Forgotten
4. The World Serpent’s Marrow
5. Lay Yersinian Siege
6. I Waged War
7. Most Dread Portent


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Katharos - Of Lineages Long Forgotten (Willowtip Records)
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