Album Review: Mister Misery – A Brighter Side Of Death (Arising Empire)

Spawned from the hallowed parts of Sweden in 2018, Mister Misery is comprised of four deadly creatures with the will to spark a flame in your restless soul. The Swedish horror metal band return with their sophomore album A Brighter Side Of Death, due for release on the 23rd April 2021 via Arising Empire.

Beginning their sleazy horror-laden blend of rocking anthems and frantic metal head-bangers in some style. Mister Misery tear their way out of the dirt like a reanimated Return of the Living Dead corpse with Ballad of the Headless Horseman. Gigantic hooks, galloping riffs and a chorus that is such a sing-along, it’s a very exciting start.

With both feet firmly planted in the modern metal side of things, the twisted beings continue their march to world domination with Buried, Mister Hyde and Burn. Grandiosity that makes every moment feel like it belongs in a stadium. Chuggy heaviness, energetic effects and gothic-tinged atmosphere, and of course, gleefully fun choruses. All covered in the sticky residue of tongue in cheek horror vibes.

Talking of tongue in cheek horror vibes though, check out Devil in Me. The horror melody, kicking into a thumping guitar groove and punchy drum beat, the roaring death-focused vocals doing battle with the clean singing. The playful energy of this track, it is startlingly clever and impressively addictive.

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How do you achieve world domination in modern rock and metal? By appealing to the mainstream music crowd. Which Mister Misery certainly will, meaning they’re also likely to piss of a ton of so called ‘metal purists’ but even that lot will be hard pressed to not admit to enjoying some of what is here.

For example, the racing riff work of I’ll Never Be Yours has a thrashy edge and it would take a stubborn fool to ignore this chorus. Though Under the Moonlight is where you’re reminded of just how gleefully evil and twisted Mister Misery can be. Another hit amongst an album filled with them.

Any thoughts that sustaining this high level of energetic metal catchiness is a task too much for this band have no idea who they’re dealing with. Mister Misery are revelling in their horror shenanigans and with In Forever (love the guitar solo), Clown Prince of Hell (so bloody twisted but also so bloody heavy), We Don’t Belong (head-banging gold with riffs to die for) and Home (a rocking foot-rapper that keeps the smile plastered over the face), they prove they’re the next big thing.

It’s down to to Through Hell to end things in style and holy hell, does it. A sprawling epic that has some of the wildest riffs and the most hellaciously heavy beats of the album. A dramatic finale even with the orchestral version of Ballad of the Headless Horseman as the actual final track.

Mister Misery – A Brighter Side of Death Full Track Listing:

1. Ballad Of The Headless Horseman
2. Buried
3. Mister Hyde
4. Burn
5. Devil In Me
6. I’ll Never Be Yours
7. Under The Moonlight
8. In Forever
9. Clown Prince Of Hell
10. We Don’t Belong
11. Home
12. Through Hell
13. Ballad Of The Headless Horseman (Orchestral Version)



Mister Misery - A Brighter Side Of Death (Arising Empire)
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