Album Review: Metaprism – Catalyst To Awakening (Self Released)

On the 26th of January 2018, UK’s Metaprism will unleashed their brand-new album entitled Catalyst to Awakening.

Metaprism 1

A melodic metal & dual vocaled powerhouse, Metaprism begin things with a bang as The Awakening bleeds into the thumping groove of Codex Regius. The groovy & grubby chug of the riffs playing alongside the alternating vocal styles works well.

There is no arguing with the catchiness of some of the choruses on show here. Unleash the Fire gets the blood well & truly pumping while Incarcerate ups the aggressive metal heaviness to unexpected levels.

This is an album with a little bit of something for every kind of metal fan. Some of the guitar solos are impossibly thrilling & they never come across as showing off.

The latter of the two Anomalous tracks, Ghost of Asylum features Timo Somers of symphonic metal band, Delain. A song that is so riff heavy that it requires you to take a moment afterwards just to take in all you’ve heard.

There are few moments where Catalyst to Awakening drops in quality & even when it does, it’s shortly rectified by another banger of a track. The beautiful blended harmonies and raging growls added to the pounding metal riffing makes Carve the Stone a track to remember. The haunting melody helps Aftermath soar before Unanimous goes for the throat with a thrash based level of riffing.

Metaprism’s impressive offering ends on a high with the eye-watering heaviness of Catharsis. A finale that gets the neck muscles straining in desperation to head-bang along to the face-melting groove & harmonious vocals.

Metaprism 2

Metaprism – Catalyst to Awakening Full Track Listing:

1. The Awakening
2. Codex Regius
3. Unleash the Fire
4. Incarcerate
5. Anomalous I: Illogical Era
6. Anomalous II: Ghost of Asylum
7. Living by Proxy
8. Carve the Stone
9. Aftermath
10. Unanimous
11. Catharsis

You can order the album through the band’s website here. Find out more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Metaprism - Catalyst To Awakening (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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