Album Review: Mestis – En Vivo (Sumerian Records)

Offering a treasure of a simpler times whilst we remain in this live performance interlude, Mestis (Javier Reyes) invite you to return into this temporarily paused world on his first ever live album ‘En Vivo’, set for a September 25th release via Sumerian Records.

Performed throughout a multitude of different cities throughout the US. Regarding the album Reyes stated:

I’ve always wanted to create a style of music that focused on being emotionally exploitive and technically sound, yet simple enough for the average music listener to appreciate. Another influence was using the eight string guitar in a form that is unconventional to the ‘trends’ or independent of characteristics that are found in music styles/genres that have popularized it. Another and important reason was to create a true form of my own independent voice as an artist. To create music that expressed my personality, upbringing, emotions and musical taste.

As things get worse around the world and live music seems nothing but a distant memory, Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders) serves up a timely reminder of just how important it is.

9 tracks of instrumental heart and soul, with the roars and cheers of a crowd, it’s actually kind of emotional to listen to. Especially as this is an album that conveys the rough, real-world, non-studio shine that all live albums should aspire to be. Make us feel like we’re there and that’s something Mestis does.

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Smell the sweat, feel the energy and lose yourself in some complex detail but well structured instrumental heavy rock.

With each track coming from a different city, there are slight disparities between the crowd sound (Toronto – was anyone there?). However, that’s made up for by the obvious and that’s the music. Mestis providing layers upon layers of fascinating progressive and technical noise, stuff to marvel at.

Releases like this are as close to the live music scene as most of us are getting to these days and when it’s this good, it just makes us miss it even more.

Mestis – En Vivo Full Track Listing:

1. Gentle Giant (Los Angeles, CA)
2. Uno Mas More (San Diego, CA)
3. Mt. Pleasant (Toronto, ON)
4. Sedosa (Philadelphia, PA)
5. El Mestizo (Mesa, AZ)
6. Pura Vida Feat. Jake Howsam-Lowe (Atlanta, GA)
7. Ever Wonder (Seattle, WA)
8. Eikasia (Chicago, IL)
9. Media Noche (Denver, CO)


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Mestis - En Vivo (Sumerian Records)
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