Album Review: Märvel – At The Sunshine Factory (The Sign Records)

At the Sunshine Factory is the new album from Swedish rock band Märvel due out on October 7th 2017 via The Sign Records. A prolific band, you can read our review of the 2017 mini-album, The Hills Have Eyes.

Sunshine 1

A strumming guitar melody, upbeat vocals that bleed into a wonderful bass hook before kicking up a gear… Märvel are off & rolling to a great start. A Killing View is an exciting & catchy opening that slays with a top drawer guitar solo. The upbeat vibe is at odds with the darker lyrical content though:

“When did I lose control of who I am?”

The ear-pleasing rock & roll melodies continue into the hooky The Secret Grand Prix, the unbelievably catchy Goodluck Sandy & the deep groove of Heart & Balls.

It’s really amazing just how much of a step forward this is for Märvel. This is a band that can write catchy, finger-snapping, foot thumping riffs in their sleep. Even when the album slows down in the middle with the likes of Monsters Grow in the Dark & Step Closer, it’s still leaps & bounds ahead of most other rock and roll bands.

With most coming in at under 4 minutes or less no song overstays its welcome. Märvel get in, drop their stomping riffs, bass hooks & sultry vocals before exiting with a cheeky grin. Live & Learn’s uplifting beat makes the smiles even wider before the double header of the super-bassy Vinegar adds some sourness to the sweet & the acoustic guitar led Angela caps off an absolutely fantastic album.

Märvel have really outdone themselves here. Arguably the best rock & roll release of 2017, there isn’t a bad song on At the Sunshine Factory.

Sunshine 2

Märvel – At the Sunshine Factory Full Track Listing:

1 – A Killing View
2 – The Secret Grand Prix
3 – Goodluck Sandy
4 – Heart & Balls
5 – Smile Mr. Steen
6 – Monsters Grow In The Dark
7 – Child
8 – Step Closer
9 – All Over The News
10 – Live & Learn
11 – Vinegar
12 – Angela

Head over to their website here to pick up all your Märvel music & merchandise. You can also order the new album here & listen to earlier music via major streaming services such as Apple Music below. Make sure you like their Facebook Page to stay up to to date with news. You can also follow them on Twitter & Instagram.


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Märvel - At The Sunshine Factory (The Sign Records)
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