EP Review: Bleach Party, USA – Get Stoked (Mystic Records)

Get Stoked is the debut EP from punk band, Bleach Party, USA. Influenced by the likes of Adolescents, DI, and Night Birds, the EP is out now via Mystic Records.

Bleach Party 1

“I drank all the bleach, baby”

With that immortal line, Get Stoked’s punky snarl kicks off with the high tempo Drink Bleach. A punchy start that has plenty of metal rhythm but with hardcore punk at the heart of the riffs & pissed off sounding vocals.

Jeff’s Weenie lightens things up with a much more upbeat tune. A very catchy song that will put smiles on faces. A perfect blend of old-school & new-school punk something the EP as a whole excels at.

Things stay raw & untamed for Turbulent Juice & Crust Fund. It’s impossible to not get excited over the party beats & tongue in cheek approach to hardcore punk. The highlight of a pretty special EP comes at the end though with the groove-laden, Party Buster. The kind of high-tempo, upbeat punk anthem that belongs on any party playlist. An absolute floor filler & a fantastic finish to a great debut EP.

There might be plenty of ‘punk’ bands about within the underground scene now but none quite as exciting as Bleach Party, USA.

Bleach Party 2

Bleach Party, USA – Get Stoked Full Track Listing:

1. Drink Bleach
2. Jeff’s Weenie
3. Turbulent Juice
4. Crust Fund
5. Party Buster

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the EP now & find out more about Bleach Party, USA over on Facebook.


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Bleach Party, USA - Get Stoked (Mystic Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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