Album Review: Malfet – The Snaking Path (Pacific Threnodies)

The project title ‘Malfet’ refers to a nickname taken by the fabled Sir Lancelot, the “Ill-Made Knight” – a description of both the aesthetically unappealing physical characteristics of the knight as well as his inner moral struggles. The ‘Chevalier Mal Fet’ of the Arthurian legend meets a tragic end, The Snaking Path is far more optimistic.

Malfet’s The Snaking Path will be released on March 30th 2018 via Pacific Threnodies.



Heavy on dungeon synth atmosphere, The Snaking Path opens with melody & a beat that conjures up images of the journey’s start. It’s mournful & reflective but isn’t dour, instead delivering lightness even when the pace increases a little.

Those expecting a metal album should look elsewhere, that’s not what Malfet are about. It’s 6 tracks of melodies designed to see the listener invest & lose themselves in. The atmospheric nature is at the core of many a black metal release, just here the ‘metal’ part isn’t there.

That alone will make it a reason to avoid for many but there is joy to be found throughout The Snaking Path. The haunted chimes and eerie effects of Edenic Reflections, the folkish cheek of A Copse O’ergrown that exemplifies the feeling of being in a sunny, other-worldly garden and the disappearing of the light in Winter’s Journey.

Unfortunately, The Snaking Path can also be a bit boring. It’s a struggle to keep focused as everything is often a bit too forgettable. While the album has lovely lightness & calming softness it’s lacking an edge. It’s admirable what Malfet have created here & it’s certainly an impressively relaxing release, it just fails to really stand out.

Malfet 1

Malfet – The Snaking Path Full Track Listing:

1. The Snaking Path
2. Edenic Reflections
3. A Copse O’ergrown
4. The Shadows’ Dance On Cavern Walls
5. Winter’s Journey
6. Approaching Daylight

You can order the album now via Pacific Threnodies Bandcamp here.

Malfet - The Snaking Path (Pacific Threnodies)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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